Meet Our Executive


Alan Fowlkes

Why We're Great >

We are a diverse group of individuals who care deeply about the community and all of the businesses and institutions who are part of the Town of Pembroke.  The Chamber works not just for what will make us great today, but will always strive to help deliver a brighter tomorrow for everyone.

Marie Moore Treasurer

Why We're Great >

I supervise the receipt, deposit and disbursement of the funds of the Chamber and shall cause a monthly financial report to be made to the Executive Board.

Mary Beth Locklear
Vice President

Why We're Great >

I am responsible for leading the region's chamber of commerce efforts in close coordination with the acting President. I also develop knowledge which will improve goal accomplishment and efficient operations of the  Chamber.

Carol Richardson Secretary

Why We're Great >

 I am responsible for preparing reports for the managerial and executive staff, and serving as liaison between our clients and organization management.

 Judy Sampson
Past President

Why We're Great >

I ensure continuity during governance transitions and organizational change, to help ensure the appropriate succession of Officers and Directors, to support the president in their role, and to provide continuity to the organization by providing historical context for issues