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Message from PACC
President Alan Fowlkes

We generally think of spring as a time of renewal, a time when we can once again get out and enjoy all of the blessings that we are afforded on this earth. But this spring is totally different, as I’m sure only two months ago we would never have expected we would be facing an unseen antagonist that would turn our lives upside down and have this type of impact on the entire world. It hurts us when others suffer as so many have in our country as well as all over the world with sickness and loss of loved ones due to this virus. And it hurts us when so many aspects of the economy that we rely on to maintain the life we are accustomed to are adversely affected and disrupted. As business owners and their employees scramble to find ways to stay afloat during these trying times let us remember how strong and resilient, we are as a people. Most of us have never faced this kind of disruption in our lives but all of us have faced adversity at some time and we always find a way to overcome the obstacles in our path. Let’s all remember that we are mentally tough people and that through our will power and faith that we can find a path through these trying times and believe that we can somehow come out of this darkness stronger on the other side.


During the next few weeks or months try to find ways to help each other out. Pick up a meal when you can from that restaurant where your friends work or someone who is a strong member and supporter of the community is the owner. Keep watch over your neighbors and check to make sure they are okay, especially if they are burdened with this virus at some point. We are one community and each of us working together can form a strong chain to help pull us all out of this stressful time in our lives.


The Pembroke Chamber and all of the members and board members of this amazing organization will be there for anyone struggling with the effects of COVID-19 to the greatest extent that we can. Please feel free to reach out to myself or any member of the board with your concerns or ideas as we pray for an end to this trying time in our lives very soon!


On behalf of the Pembroke Area Chamber of Commerce and our Board of Directors, I wish everyone the best and Godspeed to each of you.

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